It’s reasonable to expect the public’s information requests, especially regarding our elections process. If it’s likely to happen, it seems wise to prepare. We WANT our citizens to come to the election officials with questions. It’s important to embrace this thought. The Elections Office and election officials are the primary source of information regarding the election process.

What are some of the most frequent questions that have been raised over the last few years?

These are some of the major topics of inquiries received by election officials.
Election equipment certification.
Who certified the machines?
What supporting documentation is available?
What is the timing for certification?
Which machines were certified?

Equipment Inventory.
Which versions of voting equipment were used?
Who manufactured these?

Election Officials’ training.
Were election officials trained for their role?
Who trained them?
What curriculum was used?

Election Officials’ Oath.
Did each officer sign an oath?
Do you have written confirmation of this? Is this on file?
Political Party affiliation of poll workers and poll watchers.
Were there bi-partisan poll workers and poll watchers at election sites?
Is there documentation of attendance?

Chain of Custody of Election Equipment and Ballots.
Who was involved?
Which assets? (equipment or ballots)
When was this done? (date and time)
Where did the assets travel?
How were they transported? Which vehicles were used?
Were assets safe and secure throughout the process?
Is the audit trail fully documented, with sign-offs of the “hand offs” of personal responsibility?

To save time and build TRUST with your constituents, responses should be stored digitally in a safe environment, accessed through an easy-to-use program.