Managing Critical Aspects Of The Government Sector

As a FOIA Officer, the demands are often increasing faster than your limited resources. It’s critical to have systems and processes to maximize your resources. Staying in compliance is critical, which means you need systems and processes which are secure, efficient and streamlined.
Potential matches

Reduced administrative burden and view historical requests


Exceeds state and NIST requirements to protect sensitive data

Public facing portal

For requests and insight of processing

Real-time reporting

Assure FOIA requests are cared for in a timely and accurate manner

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Digitize & Automate Your FOIA &
Other Data Request Processes

FOIA Pro understands your role

There isn’t a season for information requests – they just keep coming.  How you and your team manage these requests is critical.

  • Timeline for completion
  • Determining FOIA or info request
  • Security standards
  • Managing costs
  • Redundancy
  • Mundane aspects

FOIA Pro is the trusted solution for digitizing and automating your public records workflow

Designed by FOIA Officials for FOIA Officials.

FOIA Pro allows you to manage your entire FOIA request ecocycle. Knowing that each responsibility is integrated and affects the whole, FOIA Pro places all key areas in one environment.

Managed, Uniform Processes

Enhanced collaboration for a managed, uniform process, with built-in intuitive workflow.

Complete Audit Trail of Who, What, When

Accountability is provided to verify & validate.

A system that tickets, tracks, assesses, assigns, routes, & closes out all FOIA & Data requests

Ensures all requests are addressed completely and accurately.

Document repository

One central and safe repository for sensitive and important documents to maintain institutional knowledge.

Potential matches

Reduce redundancies by matching similar requests.

Invoicing, Billing & Delinquent accounts

Simplified billing and invoicing.

A system that meets and exceeds your state's and NIST CyberSecurity standards

Cyber security & privacy to protect sensitive data.

Real-time, Role-based Dashboards & Reporting

Provide executive and detailed level visibility to ensure all requests are being addressed completely and accurately.

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