About Us

Managing critical aspects of the government sector

Soch is a Punjabi/Hindi phrase for “positive thinking.” At Soch, we are driven to come alongside government sector employees to leverage technology to reduce mundane and complex tasks. Our products are designed BY government officials FOR government officials with state-of-the-art technology.

Our guiding principles include:

Ease Of Use

Oftentimes, users ask themselves "what do I want to do?" Rather than seek an instruction manual, we believe that users should be able to guide themselves quickly to complete a task through intuitive business solution processes. We feel that "if you need a training manual to figure out a system," it’s too complex. We understand the importance of reducing frustration and error, through simple approaches to important tasks.

Meaningful Insights

So many government officials tell us they have the needed information, but it's often in a variety of data silos. We understand the need to bring interrelated data together, allowing you to have the right information at the right time to make the right, proactive decision.


Paper reduction is not only a government mandate, it's the right thing to do. We understand and are driven to reduce waste.

Our Products

Fully Integrated Products to Keep Your Team Performing at Maximum Efficiency

FOIA Pro - Public Records and Data Requests Management System
Our FOIA Pro product provides a FOIA request process, designed BY government officials FOR government officials.
Integra - Election Ecocycle Management
Integra allows you to manage your entire Election Eco-cycle.  Knowing that each responsibility is integrated and affects the whole, Integra places all key areas in one environment.
Perigon - System Provisioning
Perigon allows Security managers and HR personnel to securely and easily track the entire onboarding and offboarding security process.

How government officials are benefitting

We make streamlining your processes easy.

“Integra is super intuitive. I was concerned I’d forgotten how to use it, after being away for a few weeks. I shouldn’t have worried – I found myself zipping along today!”

Election Official

“It’s definitely user friendly!”
Local State Official
“By using Soch products, I’m able to save over $65,000 annually.”
Local Elections Official

Integra - Proven Election Management Solution Across Many States


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