Over the last decade, citizens have become increasingly aware of the election environment. Whether this heightened awareness is due to legitimate questions on the elections process or harmful mis, mal and dis information, the public is asking questions. It is not a matter of “if” queries will come, rather “how to respond, when the questions come”. When it comes to election information, the election officials are the source of truth.

Responding to citizens’ questions is a major responsibility of the election official’s job. Similar to a retailer answering questions from a customer, how the response is made is as important as the response itself. The TRUST the customer affords is directly related to how the communication is handled.

The goal is to establish and promote TRUST in the election process. It’s paramount for public servants to gain and retain the constituents’ trust. The public wants assurances that the election process is transparent and non-partisan. This trusted relationship is enhanced with a quick and reliable response to constituents requests for election information.