Election Officials Told Us…

Recently, we spoke with many election officials, who have been using Integra to solve their election ecocycle. We wanted you to hear from them, not us, of how Integra is being used everyday to help with their Election Ecocycle.

Specifically, we asked them to tell us:
  • What were the challenges you were having, managing your election ecocycle?
  • What were your most painful aspects?
  • If you could “wave a magic wand”, what would you like solved or addressed?
  • When you were adopting Integra, what was the data migration process like?
  • What was the training experience?
  • How easy was it to reach technical support?
  • Now that Integra is in place, what do you like most about it?
  • What are the benefits you are realizing?
  • What are some of the meaningful insights you get, from having all of the data in one, central location?
  • What would you tell others, who might be considering adopting Integra?

In a few short segments you will hear Virginia’s goals for managing their elections, why Integra interested them, how they quickly transitioned through adoption and the impact Integra has made on their current effectiveness from three different perspectives . Here are a few stories and challenges our Virginia users faced and how they were resolved through Integra.

Rich Venskoske is an election official in Northern Virginia. A self-admitted “power user”, Rich has streamlined his poll worker and election equipment inventory efforts through Integra.

Mark Coakley is an election official in a large county, an area outside of Virginia’s state capitol. He has first hand experience of time and money savings, through implementing Integra.

Karen Hoyt-Stewart is the Voting Technology Program Manager at Virginia’s Department of Elections. She has guided our product development team, providing her insight and years of experience to mold Integra’s features and capabilities.

We’d like to introduce you to Integra, so that you can see how Integra can benefit YOU, like it has these election officials. Contact us to schedule a demonstration!