We’ve made it easy to manage user accounts when they onboard or offboard

Similar to how the TSA uses strict measures to keep you safe in the air, you need to keep your systems safe, knowing which employees have access to particular areas.

Whether it’s onboarding or off boarding employees or processing access requests, you need an integrated, secure approach to employee security.

Turn on or Turn off Access

Easy to provision or terminate user accounts with full traceability.

System Provisioning workflows

Based on employment type and role of an employee, easy to enroll workflows for system access.

Visibility for Approvals

Provides the clear visibility who approved when, what and any delays.

Systems Repository

Enterprise repository of all of your systems and their roles.


Assign precisely system access based on employee’s role with proper approvals.

Governance & Compliance

Protect your organization from cyber breaches.

Perigon secures your on-off boarding & access provisioning

Perigon - HR on-boarding and off-boarding with built-in system provisioning
Perigon provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to user account management, adhering to the strictest data security and privacy protocols of any platform available.
  • A clear view of employee system access profile across your organization.
  • Eliminates self-entitlements for system access.
  • Robust audit log of who requested what, when with who approved it.
  • HR and System Access ecocycle 
  • Provides you clear visibility who has what access in your organization's systems. 
  • A single checkpoint for access to your systems. 
  • A combination of HR on-off boarding with a system access module to keep track of who has been on/off boarded and who has what access, who requested each access, who authorized access, and who implemented it.

Design by Security and HR professionals to streamline on/off boarding with system access.

Perigon allows you to manage your entire HR and System Access ecocycle. Knowing that each responsibility is integrated and affects the whole, Perigon places all key areas in one environment.

Governance & Compliance

Stay in compliance with HR and system security policies, procedures and guidelines.

Timely Notifications & Action

Notifications are sent to responsible parties upon new requests for any employee or separation.

Timely Termination

Timely termination of system access of offboarded employees to protect against security risks and data breaches.

Recertification Process

Automated process to certify all employees for system and entitlement role access.

Full visibility

Full visibility of who has what access and who authorized it. No more self-authorization. 360° view of the entire system and the number of active employees with entitlement.

Audit Reports

Every user activity is logged at the field level to provide full traceability of who did what and when.

Active Directory / LDAP

Easy to integrate with an existing LDAP or Active Directory.

Single Sign-On

Manage Authentication and Authorization of all users via one integrated system.

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