Empowering Election Officials with the right resources to manage your election ecocycle.

As an election official, you are charged to conduct safe, secure and accurate elections for your constituents. You find yourself asking these critical questions:

Risk Level

What is our security posture, heading into this election?

Training & Skill set

Who are we hiring, how are they trained and what is their proficiency?

Chain of Custody

Are they verified and do they have a clear chain of custody?

Election Preparedness

Do we have all supplies and elements for a successful election?

Voting Equipment Certification

Testing and Preparation of Voting Systems and Pollbooks, before, during & after the election?

Ballot Oversight

Who touched the ballots and which machines were used - Before, during and after the election?

Integra is your solution to managing the election ecocycle effectively, economically and efficiently

Designed by Election Officials for Election Officials.

Integra allows you to manage your entire Election Ecocycle. Knowing that each responsibility is integrated and affects the whole, Integra places all key areas in one environment. Key features include:

STEP Process

Your people are important! You need to select & hire your team, train them for their role, schedule them for the election and pay them for their work.

Cyber Security Posture

What is your risk level? What is my cyber score? Where are my vulnerabilities? Is my data private & protected?

Chain of Custody

Who touched which machine? From storage to the voting place and back again.

Ballot Handling and Processing

Who is processing the ballots - early voting, Election Day and after the election? Which machines are involved?

Logic and Accuracy

Is voting equipment properly tested before, during and after elections.

Election Readiness

An election checklist which is kept in a secure location, customized for your locality.

Robust Reporting

One touch & role-based reporting of the complex and integrated data with intuitive dashboards.

Voting Equipment Management

Ensuring your machines are verified, your inventory secure and machines assigned to each precinct.

Over 180 public organizations currently use Soch products every day

How election officials are benefitting

We make streamlining your processes easy. Here`s how hundreds of localities are advancing by using Integra. 

Rich Venskoske is an election official in Northern Virginia. A self-admitted “power user”, Rich has streamlined his poll worker and election equipment inventory efforts through Integra.

Mark Coakley is an election official in a large county, an area outside of Virginia’s state capitol. He has first hand experience of time and money savings, through implementing Integra.

“Integra is super intuitive. I was concerned I’d forgotten how to use it, after being away for a few weeks. I shouldn’t have worried – I found myself zipping along today!”

Election Official

“I think this is great – to have all the information I need in one place.”

Polling official

“I estimate we will save our County over $65,000 a year, for just the Poll Worker module alone! Plus, I can reach my goal to pay my workers quicker.”

State Election Official

“We have been using Integra for a few years. It’s made our professional work easier. The software provides all the security submission requirements of the state as well as modules to manage elections and poll workers.”

Government Election Official

“Integra is fast, easy and secure.”

Poll Worker

“It’s definitely user friendly!”

Election Official

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